Winning Ways

It’s been a good few days. Last week I swapped the bike for some inov-8 trail running shoes in an effort to transform cycling legs into mountain running versions. Perhaps just two runs prior to a race is not in the textbook of specific training, but it seems lots of climbing on the bike translates well into running up hills.

Last Saturday was the summer “Challenge” at school, where the whole staff and student body get bussed down to the Rhone valley and then run back up nine kilometres with over eight-hundred metres of climbing. Having done little running and with some real competitors- both another staff member and a 6th form student who are seriously fit- I talked down my chances to those who asked.

All I can say is that the Inov-8s were awesome and I put four and a half minutes into my time last year and was comfortably first across the line.

Tonight I escaped the current cloud land of Villars (the mist literally enters your room if you open the window…) and emerged into the valley for round three of the Giron du Rhone series. This was my most local race and I wanted to win it, although my chances were reduced when I saw my nemesis from the last round there.

Only twelve or so populaires signed on, and we set off after the open race had done two laps. We all know each other now so no sneaky early attacks stuck this time, and it ended up quite the chess game for the first half. I tried to blow things apart on many occasions and forced a split that stuck with four laps to go. We then caught the open race bunch who seemed a lot slower than us, and as we eased into this pace the other populaires make the junction as well.

Race savvy told me that they would have worked hard to get to this bunch so I went straight on the attack, taking my chum and a team UCI/CMC rider with me. We hammered the final lap and the CMC rider led us out with me launching a sprint with two-hundred to go. My rival never appeared alongside me- at the end he told me he thought there was a lap to go!

I really should be doing the open race, I suspect podiums would be within reach with a little more training…

Next event is a hill climb- bring it on!

Duration: 1:13:24
Work: 1158 kJ
TSS: 139.4 (intensity factor 1.068)
Norm Power: 336
VI: 1.28
Pw:HR: -0.25%
Pa:HR: 5.03%
Distance: 44.844 km
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 1338 263 watts
Heart Rate: 113 191 167 bpm
Cadence: 44 218 100 rpm
Speed: 10.3 64.6 36.6 kph
Pace 0:56 5:50 1:38 min/km
Hub Torque: 0 4.3 0.9 N-m
Crank Torque: 0 138.8 25.5 N-m

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