Top Step Fever

Having achieved the top step of the podium just once in my last year of serious racing it has been rather refreshing to climb onto it three times this week, even if like today it’s just a painted log. Having won the uphill run and last round of the Giron du Rhone in the populaire category last week I managed to slip away from the school sports day to race a hill-climb from Chatel St-Denis to Les Pacots on Saturday afternoon.

This was an advertised 5.7km course with a tough last section that ramps up to well over 10%. The reality was that we started as one large bunch of around fifty riders and were led out of the town by a lead car before being given the toot to start with 4.4km to go. The race started way too fast for my liking; I had expected to hold my target wattage of around 350 but was forced to start much harder. I let the front runners go and then gradually worked my way back up through, although never caught the really skinny guys who had vanished up the road.

I rolled in for 6th place overall in 16:05 having overtaken almost all the field on the way, and held an average wattage of 374- much higher than predicted so time to readjust FTP again… The important thing was to win the populaire event and defend my overall lead and this was a success even getting a mention on the front page of the Rhone Cyclisme site.

The next race is a pan flat 11km time-trial, I’m off to find some clip-ons tomorrow afternoon…

Full results here; tale of the data here:

Duration: 16:04
Work: 360 kJ
TSS: 38.6 (intensity factor 1.201)
Norm Power: 378
VI: 1.01
Pw:HR: 13.72%
Pa:HR: 9.93%
Distance: 4.615 km
Min Max Avg
Power: 93 728 374 watts
Heart Rate: 158 195 185 bpm
Cadence: 52 166 77 rpm
Speed: 10.3 33.3 17.2 kph
Pace 1:48 5:50 3:29 min/km
Hub Torque: 0.4 4.8 2.9 N-m
Crank Torque: 6.3 79.3 48.0 N-m

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